With Bitcoin difficulty is almost to the point where its becoming where hard to mine and not worth my time. With new coins coming out all the time you need to weed out the flops. Since, the introduction of Zetacoin I been mining it. I started mining both Zetacoin and Bitcoin but now I am putting all my mining power to mine Zetacoin. Here are some basic information about the coin.

No premine
Based on latest Bitcoin 0.8.99 source
Block target: 30 seconds (20x Bitcoin)
Difficulty retargets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick difficulty readjustment)
Block reward: 1000 ZET, halving every 80640 blocks (about 1 month), not dropping below 1 ZET (inflationary)
Total coin supply: 160 million ZET + small yearly inflation
160 million coins will be mined in around first year
Thereafter around 1 million per year (inflationary). This small inflation is a better incentive to keep the network hashing than purely transaction fees.
Listen port: 17333

With exchange rate ranging around 0.000004 BTC per coin it shows some potential. I know its not much compared to others but this coin has only been around for a month and has shown good signs of growth. With more people mining and trading ZetaCoin the price will go up.

With every coin there is a risk. I am more than happy to take the risk because I know if the risk pays off it will pay off good. Imagine mining like the stock market. You are taking a risk in hopes that it pays off.

If you are looking at getting a ZetaCoin wallet check out:

Windows binary download

Linux binary download

Source code

Do your research before you start mining any coin but if you do I recommend my friends at Zetpool.com 

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