What Are We Mining?

Ah, the questions most people ask us. Are you mining and what are you mining?

Are you mining?

Short answer is… Yes.

I will be the first to admit our mining operations is not a big one. We are constantly growing our mining operations but we factor in all the variables of is it worth mining or investing “cash” into the coins themselves. Recently, with the skyrocketing prices of the coins it was worth the mining operations. Once the prices start to fall then we may suspend operations and invest in the coins directly. Once our mining operations grows to a certain size then it would be worth mining even if the price of the coins dip due to the amount of coins coming in. We are currently not there just yet but within the near future I do see our operation becoming large enough that it would be worth the constant mining.

This leads in the next question most people asks us.

What are you mining?

Most people stick to one type of coin. Either they build a mining company geared towards one type of coin. They spend all their time mining BTC, ETH, LTC or any other. Then there is us. We are the odd man out(Okay, I am sure others have done this.) but we have almost all type of mining equipment. From asic miners geared towards SHA-256(Bitcoin) or asic miners for scrypt(Litecoin) to even gpu based systems for Ethereum.

We use our mining hardware on a service called Nice Hash. Nicehash gives people with hardware to put them to use. Nicehash has the ability for hardware owners to sell hashing power to people who want to get their hands dirty with mining, but don’t want to invest in owning and setting up their own mining hardware. Consider it a contract mining… So, it doesn’t matter if we have hardware for BTC, LTC, ETH or any of them we just put the hardware onto Nicehash website and their software takes care of the rest. The best part is the payout is in BTC.

I hope that gives you a bit of info into how we run our little mining operation. We also hope it gives you another a look into a non-conventional way of mining.



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