Site Update

Sorry for the lack of posting. The markets have been on fire recently and they have been taking all my time. I am currently looking to bring on a couple people who will be helping with the site. With them getting on board it will help the website become more populated with content on a regular basis. I do not have an eta to when they will start as I need to do some training how to post and how to create content but, I am hoping very soon.

A bit of down time. Our main HQ and server location is in Houston Texas. As you seen on the TV the recent storm did some major damage. Our server was located in Houston and we frantically did backups to at least preserve the website and migrate it to another location until we are able to get the server back up and running. We also do ask that you keep the people of Houston in your prayers. This was a insane storm that no one expected to be this bad.

As for the website itself some of you may see a change in the look. The last look was very limiting to the options we can do and was becoming a bit of a nightmare in regards to posting new content and keeping the look flowing. This should look a lot better once more content is posted.

I have a few new articles coming out soon. That you for baring with us stay tuned for some new things coming soon.

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